Wednesday, January 19, 2022

ABCs for Spiritual Librarians

Day Two

 This hangs in our main bathroom. It was gifted to us for Christmas when we bought our house 7 years ago. 
You know how some things start to blend into the background when you get used to them? This was one of those things, until this past weekend.  
Sunday, I tilted it on the wall. :-) 
Because it currently hangs crooked, it catches my eye when I’m “polishing” during my Rising Ritual. This morning, MASTER SOMETHING stood out. This 42 day challenge is helping me master my mornings. I was NOT a master of my mornings for the last 2+ years. As a result, I could feel my daily enthusiasm waning. This adjustment feels like a crucial step forward and, so far, is easier than I thought it would be.

The real question: Will someone else in our household straighten the bathroom ABC’s before I do?  🥰


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