Monday, January 24, 2022

Day 5 - Stumble


Peace & Honesty
Who or what is interrupting the solitude?

We had quite an interruption last Wednesday night. At 7:30pm, one of our favorite neighborhood kiddos stole my husband’s iPhone. 😳 It’s not brand new but apparently it’s new enough that he was hoping it would stop kids from bullying him at school. 

Graham went over to speak gently with our little friend THREE times before he finally gave it up; at 10:30 that night.
We didn’t sleep very well that night. We were processing mixed feelings joy and heartbreak. Yes, Graham got his iPhone back but the struggles our little friend shared with Graham, after coming clean…how do we help him protect himself from school bullies? 

The iPhone had already been set up with a new cloud account. Even though Graham is tech savvy, he was unable to recover his old account so he had to factory reset.  This clever kiddo has some tech skills himself! We lost some personal photos and videos…but in the grand scheme, I am grateful for so many other things.

I am grateful that we have a meaningful relationship with his family. I am grateful that even though it was a tough situation, he chose to come clean and be honest with Graham. He shared some uncomfortable truths about bullying these days.  I am grateful that my sweet husband understands how to be patient with kiddos and showed this young boy that words can solve problems, save friendships, and no one got hurt.  

I am upset that our sweet neighbor boy is being bullied at school because his cleverness is perceived as different and his school doesn’t have the resources to recognize and nurture his unique intelligence. 

My experiences have helped me figure out how to squash most interrupters of my solitude.  This young boy though… Maybe the universe is offering us a chance to help nurture his tech skills and emotional intelligence. Here’s hoping. 💝 

The artistic image above was created by artist, Alex Laughlin, on Friday, January 21st.  After the craziness of Wednesday night and trying to reconnect for work all day Thursday, Graham and I were exhausted Friday morning. I did NOT practice my Rising Ritual Friday morning. Alex earned his first $15 as outlined in our spiritual contract. 😊
TWO cards offered wisdom for our circumstances. The cards were: Peace & Honesty. 

Boldest takeaways from Alex’s interpretations suggest that Inner Peace and Honesty with Self are crucial for navigating life interruptions.  

Today is Monday. We haven’t seen our friend since Wednesday. We assume it’s because he’s a little embarrassed.  Currently, we are brainstorming gift ideas to have delivered to him at the middle school this week. Suggestions?  We are so proud of him for being honest with Graham. If we can encourage him to keep exploring his technical abilities, maybe the bullies will leave him alone for a while. 

Always forward, never straight. 💝

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

ABCs for Spiritual Librarians

Day Two

 This hangs in our main bathroom. It was gifted to us for Christmas when we bought our house 7 years ago. 
You know how some things start to blend into the background when you get used to them? This was one of those things, until this past weekend.  
Sunday, I tilted it on the wall. :-) 
Because it currently hangs crooked, it catches my eye when I’m “polishing” during my Rising Ritual. This morning, MASTER SOMETHING stood out. This 42 day challenge is helping me master my mornings. I was NOT a master of my mornings for the last 2+ years. As a result, I could feel my daily enthusiasm waning. This adjustment feels like a crucial step forward and, so far, is easier than I thought it would be.

The real question: Will someone else in our household straighten the bathroom ABC’s before I do?  🥰

Monday, January 17, 2022

The Answer is 42

Tomorrow begins a 42 day spiritual contract with our dear friend, Alex Laughlin. 

Rising Ritual 2022, weekdays, starting at 6:45am:

- Hydration

- Meditation

- Tea w/ Caius

- Polish/Prep Lunch

- Greet the day.

Onward. 💛