Wednesday, March 18, 2020

"Till it's over..." #staytheFhome

This Business Insider article might make sense to you.

If we learn anything from our experience with COVID-19, I hope it's that our global society has been headed in a frivolous and unhealthy direction.

We have an opportunity to "reboot," as it were...

Coming back stronger is important.
Giving "Strength" an updated definition to include more feminine notions is important.

Bonsall Prediction:
Within the next 6 months, our economy will be forever different. (It should be, anyway...)

American leaders might consider assisting everyday citizens with recovery in these ways:

- Free basic utilities for ALL (Water, Gas, Electricity and Communications) through the end of 2020.
- Forgive ALL Student Loan Debt.
- Apply Term Limits to ALL politicians and ALL political offices.
- "Special Benefits" STOP when political term(s) expire. NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS.
- Implement a health care structure with equal access and less costly benefits for ALL.

For now, my family and I are on Day 1 of our personalized, self quarantined experiment.

We are embarking on a #14dayquarantinechallenge.

As long as we have running water, we will be comfortable. Not everyone is as fortunate. Thank goodness Spring is coming.

It might not be pretty... but I think we will learn a lot about ourselves and our country during this  distressing time.

Till it's over, #staytheFhome


Team Bonsall

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