Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Between the Scientist and His Child

Getting the kindergartener ready for school each morning is a glorious mix of delight and let-us-not-be-late frustration. The kindergartener's energy is cheerful which makes my heart happy because I've always been a morning person. However, the scientist is usually a curmudgeon in the mornings. He still manages to engage our kindergartener in loving ways.  😍  My mama heart is warmed by this.

So, this morning, as Fall weather is taking hold and "Jack Frost" made his first appearance this weekend, the conversation between the Scientist and his child went something like this:

- - - - - - - - - -
His Child:  Did you know that when it's Hot it goes up and when it's cold, cold goes down? 

(Scientist is deciding whether his child's coat or vest is best today as temps might "go up" by the afternoon. I am pretending to assist our child in tying his shoes but today, it's becoming clear the effort might be best if just completed by me.) 

Scientist:  Is that so? (half listening but still engaging) And where does it stop?

His Child:  Well.... when it gets so hot that you sweat sweat sweat, that's really bad.  And then, when it's so cold that it gets to zero, ... you die.  (we both stare with "oh yeah?" eyes at our child.)  It's true!

Scientist:  It wouldn't be comfortable but you wouldn't die.

His Child:  Oh.

Scientist:  Yeah. However, around -276 degrees celsius, THAT'S when every molecule stops. They freeze, basically becoming dead. And if that ever happens...the universe would probably explode. Or something like that.

His Child: Really??

Scientist:  Maybe. 

His Child:  Well....what if our belly buttons had mouths?

Scientist:  (while laughing) Then, Pepperdog would probably try to lick your belly mouth all day long!

(They then proceed out the front door and head to school. Shoelaces in double knots, wearing matching vests, with kisses from Me and Pepperdog fresh on their cheeks.)
- - - - - - - - - -

Later, I googled 276* Celsius and Wikipedia provided this... 😊

And that's the Bonsall Way. 💝💝

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  1. Great post, i am pretty sure i said -273 kelvin this morning... but its cool... cool... see what i did there???